Learn How To Setup And Run A Successful 4 Figure Per Month Online Business

***Step By Step No Fail System***

Note: If you have been struggling with making real money online, forget about all the methods,loopholes, gimmicks that you have been reading about.

True One-On-One Coach And Mentor

Why Does Most People Fail In Their Online Business? It’s Because They Don’t Have A Plan And Even If They Do, They Don’t Follow Through

But Working With Me, You Will Have A Definite Plan, A Definite Mission And A Definite Goal. And You Will Never Have To Feel Alone Again Because I Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Hi, My name is David, and I am a guy who’s all about sharing and delivering true value to my students. Over the years, I have helped many people from all walks of life built their own profitable and successful online business and I hope I can help you too.

Some of the things we will be working on together:

  • Build a successful online business from the ground up
  • Developing a clear, focused and detailed plan to reach your goals.
  • A daily, weekly and monthly action items plan
  • To do extensive keyword research and research your target market and niche
  • Build trust and authority to ensure you will be the go to source for their needs
  • Build traffic sources that lasts a lifetime
  • Perfecting your social platform integration, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM AND YOUTUBE
  • Getting leads from hidden sources that not many people know about
  • Traffic gems that are unknown to many
  • Avoiding underhand tactics that will ruin your business
  • Developing an exit strategy that will see you reaping 20x of your monthly profits
  • And more…

Who Is This For?

  • You have tried many other online systems such as CPA marketing, Amazon, Dropshipping, Adsense and all failed
  • You have wasted too much time and money on courses and systems that promises you riches overnight
  • You are burnt by so called ‘gurus’ who take your money and then cut off all communications with you
  • You face information overload and do not know what works and what doesn’t
  • You are discouraged and demotivated
  • You want a steady and consistent second or third source of income
  • You have totally no idea what is an online business and want to build one successfully



Why Work With Me?

When you work with me, you will have a custom built plan to tailor to your needs. There is never a one-size-fits-all plan. You want something designed specially for you and you want someone to be actually there to guide you all the way.

I also want to bring to your attention of a large number of supposedly one-on-one coaching programs now being promoted by “gurus” where the guru himself isn’t the one who is actually coaching you. It’s the old bait-and-switch trickery that has worked in their favor for years.

You pay an enormous sum of coaching fee some to the tune of $40,000 thinking that you will be handled and coached personally by the guru himself but instead, all you work with are their so called Virtual Assistant that is just an $8/hour part timer who gives you canned and standard answers to all your questions. Pretty soon you will feel left out and frustrated and you will just abandoned the whole thing. That’s what they are hoping for… you giving up.

I have been through my fair share of such coaches and I aim to eliminate all that. When you join me, you will work with me personally and when you have questions, I will give you detailed answers each time, not one liners that most other coaches do.

My Coaching Format

We will work together through SKYPE chats and Email. There will be also be some video training and special software and plugins that I will provide you with no extra costs.

When you have any specific questions, forward them to me and I will give you a detailed answer and explanation so that you can understand clearly. Nothing is left to guesswork.

No gimmicks, tricks or hidden cost. Just plain old coaching and mentoring that works.

What My Other Students Think?

Limited Spots

As this is a very personalized coaching program, my time is very limited and as such I can only work with 5 students at a time. So, jump on the opportunity to work with me if there is an open spot. SKYPE me to check for availability


Q: How Will The Coaching Be Delivered?

A: Coaching is by way of instruction videos, SKYPE calls and chats and Email

Q: How long will the coaching lasts?

A: This is a 6 week program but students can study at their own pace. Support will be provided for 6 months

Q: Can I do this if I am new?

A: Definitely yes! In fact, if you are new, it will be easier and faster for you as you will not have accumulated some bad habits of internet marketing and can absorb the training faster

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Our payment processor is PayPal. You can also pay by Credit and Debit Cards of most banks

Q: OK, I am convinced this is for me. How do I order?

A: Just click on the INSTANT ACCESS button and you are all set

Q: Can I do this from anywhere?

A: Of course! This works worldwide. As long as you have an access to a PC and an internet connection, you are good to go.

Q: How much time do I need to spend per day on this??

A: The initial setup will take slightly longer but as you progresses, things will be much faster. An hour or two per day will be good

Q: When can I start?

A: As soon as you make payment, I will set you up with me on SKYPE to start your amazing journey

Q: More questions not covered in this FAQ

A: Reach me at SKYPE davidcheng918